Research Leaders

Kathrin Berkner

Kathrin Berkner

Dr. Kathrin Berkner leads the Computation Optics & Visual Processing Group at the California Innovation Center of Ricoh Innovations where she is responsible for creating innovative technology for computational imaging systems for computer and human vision applications, starting from digital-optical co-design of optics and signal processing algorithms via prototyping to transferring the innovative concepts into Ricoh's products.

Previously, Dr. Berkner was a Senior Research Scientist at Ricoh Innovations, conducting research in a variety of imaging areas related to restoration and enhancement of images, reformatting of documents, and adaptation of documents to small-size displays. Her wavelet-based document enhancement technology for Ricoh's MFP products was awarded the Ricoh Minori Award for outstanding creativity.

Prior to joining Ricoh in 1998, Dr. Berkner was a Postdoctoral Researcher at Rice University, Houston, TX, performing research on wavelets in collaboration with the Rice DSP group. Kathrin holds a PhD. degree in mathematics from the University of Bremen, Germany. She has been serving on program committees and as a reviewer of several IS&T/SPIE, IEEE, ACM, and OSA conferences and journals. Dr. Berkner has authored more than 20 technical publications, and has over 30 patents granted or pending.

Her interests include soccer, team handball, and playing violin in the Redwood Symphony orchestra.